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Welcome to our website and maybe at our workshop, office or online web shop. In our website, we try to inform you about the opportunities in the area of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and especially what you can do with generating Photo-Voltaic Energy. More and more people, makes use of (RE) Renewable Energy, but Solar Power is the most popular one, today.

To build a PV-installation successfully by yourself and in accordance to regulations, there are a range of steps to take in the process. To avoid mistakes, bad integration, no connection acceptance by utility companies, a permit withhold or just missing knowledge and therefore not building a safe and reliable PV installation, we can do the preparation and testing for you, on request (in Georgia).

In case you are not a real handy (wo)man or you just don't have the tools, we are able to do the entire process to build a safe and reliable PV installation.

Whatever it takes, we can.

So how do you start with a solar system? In brief:

1. First of all, you need to collect information about your current electricity bill of the past year, assuming you want to make your own business case. Search for kWh's consumption and price.

2. Do you think you have at least approximately, 25 sq.ft. free space available, not blocking by walls, trees, mountains and pointing to South or South-West?

3. To build your own PV-installation, you should consider where to place it. Will it be on the roof, a single pole or maybe you want to create that long time plan for a carport. Your carport will create shade and electricity, how about that…..

4. Think about how to set up your energy strategy. You may have different options:

With the latest technology of the hybrid-inverters, it becomes, more and more, interesting to create your own strategy. Focus on saving or consuming first and then consider to sell it back!

5. Budget; Is it Residential: cash or finance? For Businesses: lease, cash, pay as you grow model?











Our online shop should be a positive experience, right?

To deliver a good product, we test it. With the experiences of the past, we know, that not all products are performing or at least working as it should be. Also, the PV-industry or Electrical regulations are not carved in stone, which means changes coming up all the time. In case a change and it may impact your system, we will inform you. During the building process we take care of it.

The online shop is our window to show you, what we have in portfolio or can be made to order. We do not operate as a wholesaler but as a dealer. We sell to end users. We add value, due to integrating, testing and validating products and systems. Our packages or configurations are well documented and ready to install, by you or us.


Although we try to process all steps in our organization via a pc, sometimes paper needs to be involved. Think about paper copies of orders, invoices, factory manuals, drawings and written reports for certain competent body's.

To have our company well organized, we were need in a office, which put a lot of effort in our work processes.

Our processes are easy to execute, simple to understand and most of all verifiable. Why?

Unfortunately where people are involved, in every step we undertake, mistakes are unavoidable.

However, every installation and or system will not leave our building before it's controlled by a certified employee.

As soon as you understand, what is required to bring a PV-installation with an Inverter System, safe and reliable, up to code, into live, you will agree that a thoroughly inspection and a well engineered configuration is required to meet your expectation.

Normally, there are 3 steps required;

Each service step, is part of a working system. There might be more steps necessary, but basically these are proven.

You want to do a "BIY" installation? Follow the instructions and build an operating PV-installation with an inverter system at your own.

Doubting? Take a PV-class and come over to prepare your own system. We'll instruct you, how to install your own system.

Yes, we build and equip:

Some installations, we did:


If we are not in the field, most of the time we're working in our workshop to prepare PV-installations or testing PV (related)-products.

As soon as a PV-installation in parts is completed, we build up the configuration entirely, to validate it. This way of working is the labor you do not see, when it arrives at your property.

When a PV-installation, with an Inverter system is assembled, it will be tested and commissioned. We know for sure, that your system will operate and comply with regulations, which is our high quality standard.

All parts who where assembled and vice versa disassembled, are numbered. To assemble your system trouble free, fast and secure, we think you will have an enjoyable job.

Each installation and or system is inclusive of comprehensive manuals, which will guide you, into an understandable job.

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